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Friday, January 30, 2009

Test YOUR Wedding Coordinator Skills

I have been busy at work today.

I took a groom (the bride was busy in school) to look at different venues for their upcoming wedding reception. We have the location for their ceremony, but we need to find a location for their reception (July wedding).

We have it narrowed down to 3. I had never been in any of these 3 places before today. One of them I just LOVED!! Especially for this couple, when I walked in, it just felt so perfect for them. The groom's face lit up. I think he liked it too :). He is going to take the bride to these places tomorrow and see what she thinks and they will let me know their decision.

Let's test your skills and see if this may be the career for you:


Young couple. Would like something "different". He is in the Air Force and she is finishing her schooling to be a police officer. They are very traditional in their beliefs, dress, design style. They would like a large dance floor because dancing is important to them. Their colors are going to be maroon and gold (the colors of the Minnesota Gophers because that is where they met). They will have 200 guests, mostly from out of town, so hotels are important. The ceremony will be at Fort Snelling Chapel (military chapel).

Sidenote: (below are some photos of one of the previous weddings I have had at the chapel) The couple shown, Jessica and David, are an adorable couple. He is from England and has such a yummy accent. She is a major sweetheart. Her grandfather had recently passed away shortly before the wedding and was buried in Fort Snelling Cemetery (Veteran). Following the ceremony, we went over to his grave and Jessica took a flower that had been arranged in her bouquet to be removed easily, and took it out and placed it on her grandfather's grave. The photo of her kissing his marker is so touching, I had to include it.

Anyway, back to the wedding at hand:

We have the reception narrowed down to 3 places. They are all within $3,000 of each other.

1. Least expensive. Historic Ballroom, once was a theatre (back when Dave was a little boy). We can bring in our own catering to customize our menu and our own alcohol to cut costs (we will have licensed alcohol providers and bartenders). Located about 10 minutes from the ceremony location and a hotel that would offer shuttle service for the guests. I can arrange to have their name placed on the marquee outside. Lighting in this place would be amazing. Capacity is 320.

2. Second most expensive. Wine restaurant. 20 minutes from ceremony location. 2 large hotels directly across the street, but they do not have a shuttle service. Restaurant provides all catering and liquor. Tables would need to removed off of dance floor for dance. Capacity 200.

(Large ice sculpture they offer for appetizers)

3. Most expensive. 30 minutes away from ceremony location. Hotels approximately 10 minutes away. In a wooded area. Venue does own catering and alcohol. Large patio area for cocktail hour. Dance floor in another room. Dance area is sunken (requires stepping down into). Large fireplace for setting head table in front of. Large windows overloking grassy area and patio. Capacity 200.

What do YOU think? Which do you think would be perfect?

I'll tell you my choice and what they decide tomorrow after the bride takes a look.


  1. My pick is the theatre ! Will I be working this event ??? What is the date is July ? You know we will be in Minn. the week of the 4th. at the lake !!! Have a great day, LV - BC

  2. I like the 1st one so they can have there name up in lights.

  3. I think the 1st one because it is beautiful. It is also close to the wedding. Would love to have my wedding there.