Along the Path

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nothing. Everything.

a person or thing of little to no importance.

Nothing can be everything and everything can be nothing. Two words that in first thought mean complete opposite. But do they. I believe in theory they can mean the same. How many times I have witnessed that those who think they have everything.....really have nothing at all and those that appear to have their heart, soul and spirit, actually, have everything.

I was given a writing assignment.

Begin with Nothing. End with Everything.

I asked Gregory about this. What he would write.

Within minutes, basically with little thought at all, he said:

"Nothing is a word that means the exact opposite of Everything."

He left the room. Came back about 15 minutes later. He then said,

"but mom, that isn't necessarily true. Jesus had nothing and still he had everything. Some of the Head Start kids you read books to. They don't have nothing but when you spend time with them they smile as much as some kids that have all the best things. Even more. Some people that have everything they want seem sadder than people that don't have anything".

His 10 year old statement had such an impact on me.

I thought about the mission trips those at our church have taken. The photos they have sent back. Photos of people with seemingly nothing at all.....yet this spirit, and inner glow that says completely different. They may not have all the wants of life.....or even many of the basic needs. But do they have nothing? They do not look like people of little or no importance. Yet quite the contrary. Their inner light shines. They glow. If you did not look at the clothes on their back or the dirt floor on which they sleep. You would think they have everything.

And I think you would be right.

I look around at those in my community or people I pass by. Seemingly never satisfied with what they have. Always wanting more. Beautiful houses filled with stuff among stuff. Everything you can imagine. Yet there is no inner light. There is no glow. If you did not look at the clothes on their back or the 400 thread count sheets on which they sleep. You would think they have nothing.

And I think you would be right.

Nothing. Everything.

Interesting words.

Opposites or synonyms.

What meaning do they have in your life?


  1. It's so true. Most people look at my family and say "you have nothing" and really we don't have much but just being married to Brandon and having my three wonderful kids is everything I'll ever need in life! Great job on the assignment!!!

  2. I read your posts. I read about peanut butter sandwich picnics and getting lost and laughing about it. I read about the excitement when you go to pick Brandon up and spending time with your kids. So many could only dream to have as much as you. You have everything. Everything that matters.