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Monday, July 13, 2009

I love the 4th!!

We love the 4th of July around here.

Love it so much that it is also our wedding anniversary!!

This year, as every other, it is a busy time for us. Friday night was great, Dave's band played so it was fun to get out and get to boogie with some friends!

Dave ran sound as well

Kathy and Loren came out to celebrate with us
(as did others......but I only got a picture of Kathy because she is sooo special :) )

It has always been one of my favorite times of the year and also Dave's. He LOVES fireworks and things that go BOOM!!

The boys also love the 4th. I asked Kyle why he liked to light off the fireworks and he told me........"It gives you a sense of accomplishment. You made something explode."

I sure hope he gets more accomplishment out of life than lighting the wick of a pre-made firework but, I guess..........they sure seem to take great pride in it :)

We typically take the boat out on the St. Croix River to watch the fireworks in Stillwater and did so again this year. The fireworks in Stillwater are the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen. It is incredible to park the boat underneath of them and literally have the gigantic sprays falling overhead.

Something I look forward to every year and have never been disappointed. This year was no different. They were amazing.

It is always a fun trip traveling up and down the river with all the other boats. Big boats, little boats. They are all there. In single file lines.

The islands fill with campers, fires and fireworks.

We stop at the islands after the BIG fireworks to light ours off. Ours are smaller than Stillwater's, but still pretty impressive!

Music. People partying. Booms. The smell of sulfur.

Ahhhh. Summer!! Enjoy the show!!!

I love that you can see the smoke coming off of the water in this one.

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  1. Hey, I love the pictures of the fire works. Just curious, what kind of camara do you have???