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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Hoppin

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This week’s theme for Blog Hoppin is favorite photos.

I love photography and how each photo tells a story so it was so difficult to choose just one. All the stories in my life make up my do my photos.

I chose the following photo not for the angle of the shot, quality of the lens, etc.....but for the story it tells and memory it holds in my heart.

This is my son, Justin, getting ready for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Justin LOVES gifts and treats and he has always felt very strongly that the more you fed Santa the more gifts and treats he would leave for you. "You take care of Santa. Santa will take care of you" :)

Justin would spend the better part of his evening preparing Santa's feast. Ham sandwiches, salads, pieces of cake, cookies, chips, crackers, cheese slices, and of course, don't forget the fresh milk. The very last thing Justin would set out before he scampered off to bed.

Santa never had it so good as the spread he was getting from Justin.

This photo encompasses so many of Justin's characteristics and so much of his personality.

A simple photo that tells a big story.

That's what I love about photography!!

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  1. How cute, that sounds like quite a feast if Santa ever leaves any leftovers I'm free to help out with that. :) I love the 'milk for santa' mug.

  2. Adorable. Does Santa need a helper?